DeepStore:An Interaction-aware Wide&Deep Model


Store site recommendation is one of the essential business services in smart cities for brick-and-mortar enterprises. In recent years, the proliferation of multisource data in cities has fostered unprecedented opportunities to the data-driven store site recommendation, which aims at leveraging large-scale user-generated data to analyze and mine users’ preferences for identifying the optimal location for a new store. However, most works in store site recommendation pay more attention to a single data source which lacks some significant data (e.g., consumption data and user profile data). In this paper, we aim to study the store site recommendation in a fine-grained manner. Specifically, we predict the consumption level of different users at the store based on multisource data, which can not only help the store placement but also benefit analyzing customer behavior in the store at different time periods. To solve this problem, we design a novel model based on the deep neural network, named DeepStore, which learns low and high-order feature interactions explicitly and implicitly from dense and sparse features simultaneously. In particular, DeepStore incorporates three modules:1) the cross network; 2) the deep network; and 3) the linear component. In addition, to learn the latent feature representation from multisource data, we propose two embedding methods for different types of data:1) the filed embedding and 2) attention-based spatial embedding. Extensive experiments are conducted on a real-world dataset including store data, user data, and point-of-interest data, the results demonstrate that DeepStore outperforms the state-of-the-art models.

IEEE Internet of Things