Cross-FCL:Cross-edge Federated Continual Learning Framework


Federated Learning (FL) in mobile edge computing (MEC) systems has recently been studied extensively. In ubiquitous environments, there are usually cross-edge devices that learn a series of tasks across multiple independent edge FL systems. Due to the differences in the scenarios and tasks of different FL systems, cross-edge devices will forget past tasks after learning new tasks, which is unacceptable for devices that pay system costs to participate in FL. Continual learning (CL) is a viable solution to this problem, which aims to train a model to learn a series of tasks without forgetting old knowledge. Currently, there is no work to investigate the problem of CL in a cross-edge FL scenario. In this paper, we propose Cross-FCL, a Cross-edge Federated Continual Learning framework. Specifically, it enables devices to retain the knowledge learned in the past when participating in new task training through a parameter decomposition based FCL model. Then various cross-edge strategies are introduced, including biased global aggregation and local optimization, to trade off memory and adaptation. We conducted experiments on a real-world dataset and other public datasets. Extensive experiments demonstrate that Cross-FCL achieves best accuracy on IID and highly non-IID tasks with a low storage cost compared to other baselines.

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing