Introduction of CrowdHMT Platform

CrowdHMT Human-Machine-Material Integration Crowd Intelligence Computing Open Platform is developed by the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Perception and Computing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University & the Key Laboratory of Embedded System Technology of Shaanxi Province. The project leader is Professor Guo Bin. The platform aims to realize the open source of key technologies in the fusion of human-computer-things, and at the same time create a good community environment for users to discuss and publish open-source exchanges, and jointly explore and build a future smart space of “human-machine-thing collaborative integration”.

The platform is divided into three levels: mechanism, learning, and computing for the problems of limited terminal device resources and computing heterogeneity of cloud-side and terminal devices under the background of crowd intelligence computing based on the integration of humans, machines, and things. The practice research, prototype system and accumulated resources of the six core technologies of swarm-agent distributed learning, swarm-agent knowledge transfer, edge-end collaborative deep computing, end-adaptive model compression, and software-hardware collaborative embedded intelligence are shared.

The CrowdHMT platform has systematically practiced typical scenarios in six application fields including smart manufacturing, smart tourism, smart home, smart city, smart transportation, and military intelligence, and open sourced key technologies/algorithms/modules/data, and supports the Download and secondary development of domain developers. Relevant workers in various fields are welcome to visit to jointly promote the development of the field of human-machine-thing swarm intelligence computing, and jointly build a smart space where people, machines, and things collaborate and complement each other.

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  • No. 1, Dongxiang Road, Dongda Town, Chang'an District, Xi'an, Shanxi 710129
  • Room 501, School of Computer Science, Chang’an Campus, Northwestern Polytechnical University