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Core Modules

Edge-End Collaborative Computing

Supporting customized model partition schemes for collaborative computing

Adaptive Model Compression

Supporting customized model compression schemes for reducing costs

SW/HW Embedded Intelligence

Supporting prediction of metrics of models in resource-constrained platforms such as microcontrollers

Swarm-Agents Distributed Learning

Supporting settings of actions, rewards and learning strategies for customized scenarios of reinforcement learning

Swarm-Agents Knowledge Transfer

Supporting knowledge transfer of customized data and deep models

Crowd Intelligence Enhancement Mechanism

Supporting the emergence mechanism of crowd intelligence and collaboration of swarm agents

Open Communities

Open Source Codes

Provides users with a variety of open source codes and participates in the expansion of the developer ecosystem

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Online Performance Evaluation

Supporting the measurement of parameters, computation, energy consumption and other performance metrics of customized models

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Creates an open forum to encourage innovation and sharing

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